Active Asset Reclamation Programs

What is an Asset Reclamation Program?

After a merger or plan of arrangement takes place, registered shareholders are often required to surrender their old shares in exchange for new securities. As the old shares become delisted at the time of the merger or plan of arrangement, these shares cannot be sold, and have no value until exchanged.

Many shareholders may not have exchanged their old securities for various reasons, including the following:

  • may have moved
  • are unaware of the transaction or that they own shares
  • may not understand the steps required to exchange or the implications if left in their current delisted state
  • may be deceased and the executor or beneficiaries are unaware of the shares or how to proceed in exchanging them.

The issuing company notified all shareholders of this change in ownership but some shares still remain unexchanged. Kingsdale Advisors (“Kingsdale”) has been contracted to deliver a voluntary program locating shareholders who have yet to exchange their old shares and assist them with this exchange.

The Kingsdale Advantage

Kingsdale’s Asset Reclamation Program is designed as an efficient and convenient way for shareholders to claim the new securities rightfully entitled to them. A list of current Asset Reclamation Programs is listed below.

Kingsdale Asset Reclamation Specialists use their tested and proven research methodology to locate “lost shareholders”. These shareholders are contacted by phone, mail and email and are informed of the exchange that needs to take place.

Kingsdale client service provides shareholders with personalized customer support throughout the exchange process:

  • Advisory on documents required in individual shareholder circumstances, (legal and tax forms) in individual shareholder, estate, joint, power of attorney, corporate and other circumstances
  • Assistance in completing documents required and providing follow up when appropriate with additional assistance
  • Audit of documents received to ensure everything is in good order before submitting to processing. This eliminates potential processing delays.

Benefits of Exchanging Your Delisted Shares through the Kingsdale Program

  • The new securities are rightfully entitled to each shareholder and represent value for your original investment. The original shares HAVE NO VALUE as they have been delisted and thus need to be exchanged.
  • Regain the ability to remain as an active shareholder with eligibility to vote at shareholder meetings
  • Unlock potential accrued or future dividends
  • Avoid losing your investment entirely. Sunset Clauses or Escheatment Laws may apply to your investment if left unexchanged.

Reclaim the true value of your investment by retaining Kingsdale to facilitate this share exchange for you.